Tuesday, October 12, 2010

POP Beauty Eye Topper in Beaming Blink

Do you love palettes? Not all palettes come with great pigmentation and awesome color payoff. Some of them just pack a good selection of shades but when it comes to pigmentation, they fail.

Pop Beauty eye topper in Beaming Blink is a travel friendly palette that consists of 12 shades of golden peach, pastel pinks and creamy neutral shades.The palette has a great mix of matte and shimmery shades and a cute mirror to do your eye make-up on the go!

There aren't any great crease shades except a deep dark brown which also, has some glitter. At $9.99 this palette is great for people who want to experiment with some colors.Most shades are neutral and look natural without much effort.

The shades are quite creamy but not very pigmented. The lighter, shimmery shades are okay, but some of the lighter matte shades are chalky and have zero pigmentation.The brown is the most pigmented.

  • Affordable.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • Combination of matte and shimmery shades.
  • Works well with all skin tones.
  • The shimmery shades and the dark brown are quite pigmented.
    • Quite a bit of fall out.
    • Since the palette is pretty small, the colors are very closely packed which sometimes, leads to a mess inside the palette.
    • Lack of matte crease shades, which makes this palette incomplete.
    • The matte shades lack much pigment.
    Overall,this is an average palette and worth a try with the budget-friendly price tag. Needs some work here and there.

    Have you tried pop beauty eye topper? There is also a bronze version of the same, but I am not sure if I would wanna try it anytime soon. This one was not a big hit in my opinion. What do you think?


    1. looking at the swatches i would not like to try it out..its not pigmented so i don think so it will stay for long on my oily lids thought colors r really pretty.

    2. ^^^ Agree with her. They seem chalky too :(
      What a shame though, 'cause that's such a great price!
      Oddly enough I've never seen this palette before, where'd you buy it?

    3. @Anamika - even I have oily lids...so, I don't think this is a good buy. Even otherwise the colors are just too blah!

    4. @Devie - The matte shades are totally chalky :( I've seen these on and off at Ulta.I got mine there. It came in a sealed pack with no testers :( From Pop Beauty, guess this is all what we can expect for the price tag ;)

    5. Maybe they might just work well with a base/primer underneath.. I have a couple of palettes like this from other brands. They are absolutely horrid by themselves, but shine with a base underneath.

    6. @Tanveer - I've tried them with UDPP with no luck :( They look slightly better, but I see no dramatic change :( The matte shades are still the same!

    7. The colors look so similar when swatched.
      where did u buy dis by the away?? do u stay in India??
      Sorry am new to the blog

    8. @Sharon - Yes, the colors look pretty similar. Not a great palette Sharon :( BTW, I stay in the US.Where are u?

    9. And forgot, got this at Ulta. It's also available online at pop beauty's website :)

    10. this is a very cute palette with pretty colors :)

      x Christine


    11. It is Christine! But,the color payoff isn't that great :(