Saturday, November 27, 2010

CVS 75% off L'Oreal haul

I got to know about a sale that's going on at CVS through this amazing blog. Some items have been marked 75% off and others haven't but, they have still been coming off 75%. This applies to some L'oreal HIP and Bare Naturale ranges. Sadly, the HIP shadow duos have not been marked down. When I went, the shelves were already close to empty!

So, here goes my haul. I got all these items for a total of $14.  If you have coupons, you can combine them during this sale get these for close to nothing!

2 Endless color lipsticks in Captivating Coral and Perfect Plum -  $2.74  each
1 Feel Naturale Powder Blush in Rustica - $3.57
1 HIP Shine struck liquid lipcolor in Euphoric - $3.32

**Sorry, it's Euphoric, I have mis-spelt in the above pic.

My total after sale was $13.54. Without a discount, these items would have costed me a total of $40.

I've heard the endless color lipsticks are really creamy and moisturizing so, I thought this is the best way to try them. And I couldn't resist the beautiful blush either.

I am not sure if these are going to be discontinued. But, if you have something that you really love, then this is a good chance to stock up!

Hope you guys get the full benefit out of this sale and do let me know what you got. Happy Hauling!!!


  1. amazing haul! the lipsticks are so pretty!


  2. Thanks, everyone! Yeah, the lipsticks are a great pick :)

  3. great haul. would love to see swatches..

  4. Sure, Anon. Will swatch them sometime :)